Moana’s production processes are continually refined and developed to provide smarter and more economical ways of creating high-quality garments for you.  We buy fabric from around the world and all our fabric is independently tested in New Zealand for issues such as pilling and fading.  This testing process has caused us to reject some cheaper fabrics that don’t have the durability demanded for a uniform in New Zealand's climate.

We manufacture locally in New Zealand and offshore.  All manufacturing is done using Moana Clothing’s own specifications and patterns ensuring consistency of design, fit and quality.


A run down on our production process:

  • Client consultation
  • Clear specification of all garments and fabrics
  • Pattern making by Moana Clothing and fabric development
  • Quality control of assembly, branding application and packaging
  • Distribution and logistics management 
  • Send in the photos of your team wearing their new uniform - we get just as excited seeing each new uniform come to life!