Why have school uniforms?

Over the last few years, the trend away from school uniforms has reversed, not just in New Zealand but around the world.  More and more schools are recognising the advantages in having schoolwear.


A uniform offers your school a public identity embraced by your community and enhances the personal pride of each student.  This applies equally to the sports uniform as it does to the general uniform.

This raises self esteem and creates a sense of camaraderie amongst the students, which buries social, economic and ethnic barriers. It can also acknowledge individual achievement, sporting or academic, differentiation by year and specific responsibilities and privileges within your school.

Students in uniform are instantly recognised as 'belonging' to their school, assisting both internal and external identification and security.

It is also a hassle free and cost effective method of outfitting students.  Parents no longer have the morning debate with their children on what to wear to school.

See how this has worked for some of our customers?

school uniforms

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