Wellington Girls College

Moana has supplied components of the Wellington Girls College's uniform for over seven years.


The relationship started when a previous supplier began to let Wellington Girls College down.  The quality of the service decreased and then the supplier did not fulfil their order obligations.  Wellington Girls College had no choice but to dismiss the previous supplier.  As a result, Moana was invited to supply dresses and skirts.  One major challenge for Moana was to ensure the school's vast range of sizes and fits could be accommodated.

This was successfully achieved.

As a result of responding to the challenge laid down by Wellington Girls College, Moana has progressively been asked to supply all the school's uniform needs, with only minor exceptions.

Elizabeth Sutton, who runs the uniform shop, is very positive about Moana's contribution. She says, "Moana has responded to our needs and consistently offers a high quality product and service".

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