St Mark's Church School

St Mark's Church School has taught years 1 to 8 for some time. The school wanted a new uniform that was both distinctive and complementary to the school's existing royal blue uniform. The new uniform would encourage pride in the school and self assurance among students.

Moana has supplied the primary school uniform for over 15 years. As a result of excellent service over those 15 years, we were asked to help St Mark's develop their new uniform.

We worked hard to understand St Marks' strategy for the school so we could develop concept designs that supported their strategy. Developing the concept designs was a very interactive process with the school and included a number of iterations. Once the concepts were agreed, we produced detailed designs and then samples. Again, these were approved by the school before we went to the next stage in the process and then finally into production.

Part of St Marks' strategy was to have a distinctive uniform.  In response to this demand for distinctiveness, we developed a unique blazer fabric in colours that reflect the words contained in the school song.

The school is delighted with Moana's support and input, "Moana really helped us develop our thinking by innovative presentation media. They provided a distinctive, quality uniform in a very short timeframe".

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