Production process

Moana's production processes are continually refined and developed to provide smarter and more economical ways of creating high-quality garments for you. We buy fabric from around the world and all our fabric is independently tested in New Zealand for, amongst other things, pilling and fading. This testing process has caused us to reject some cheaper fabrics that look fine but just don't have the durability demanded for a school uniform. We manufacture locally in New Zealand and offshore. All manufacturing in done to the same high Moana specifications and standards using Moana patterns. This ensures consistency of design, fit and quality. By retaining some manufacturing in New Zealand, we can respond to small top-up orders and special requests. None of this waiting for the next container to arrive in four months time, which is what some of our competitors offer.


Control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensures you get a quality product as you want it, when
you want it.

Our production process is:

  • Consultation to assess your needs
  • Clear specification of all garments and fabrics
  • Pattern making by Moana to proven size standards
  • Development of cloth to specification
  • Quality control of assembly, whether it be in New Zealand or off-shore
  • Application of accurate branding
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Distribution and logistics management to ensure on time delivery
  • Follow up to ensure you are happy.



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