Uniform Design Services

We have helped many schools redesign all or part of their school uniform. Increasingly, we have worked with student bodies in the design process. But whoever we work with, the key is to listen to your needs.

Often we can satisfy your needs from one of our standard garments we keep in stock. But other times the solution is school specific as you seek a unique image.


From establishing why you want a uniform and for what function, we can present to you innovative garment solutions using the most appropriate fabrics, creatively and yet functionally designed for great value.

Whether introducing one new item to complement your uniform or overhauling your entire range, Moana Clothing's design team draws on over 60 years experience in the garment and textile industry.

Tips for a successful design process:

  • Identify your key decision makers
  • Outline garment(s) and where they fit in your uniform
  • Identify branding and functional requirements
  • Set quantities, budget and timeframe
  • Meet Moana to discuss this further
  • Set next meeting date for presentation of ideas and / or sampling.


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