Additional services

Our main business is supplying high quality uniforms to schools, corporates and retailers throughout New Zealand. But we also design and supply sports uniforms. We are one of the dedicated Sports Uniform Designers and Suppliers in NZ. As you can imagine, getting fabrics made around the world and manufacturing in various locations means logistics management is high on our agenda. Staff at Moana Clothing have a wealth of experience in the clothing business and many years' experience in stock and logistics management. 

Using this wealth of experience, we have assisted a number of schools:

  • Set up their own school uniform shops 
  • With stocking and stock level management.

For those schools that no longer want to run their own uniform shop, we can help here too. We can offer a range of innovative solutions, such as:

  • Moana Clothing becomes your sole retail seller. This can be done using the Moana school uniform shop, via internet shopping, mail order or a combination of all three
  • Moana Clothing performing the stocking and logistics management on your behalf.

Whatever your issue might be, we may be able to help. So give us a ring to discuss.

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